Saturday, February 8, 2014

Approved Education

The Headmaster at Bishopsfield Institution is aware that some of the older lads have been bringing the dreaded weed in to school. This threat to the discipline and daily order of an Approved Education Centre needs nipping in the bud!

Eventually the culprits are caught. Reporting to the head to be dealt with are two seniors, Benson (Rudi Vallance) and Chandler (new StingLad Travis McKinnon) and with no excuse it’s time to take these two wayward lads in hand. As usual and regardless that they are senior boys a good spanking is laid on to their bare bottoms. Benson has been there before but its Chandler’s very first time and he really doesn’t like to get spanked at all! However, if he thinks it end there he’s badly mistaken as both youths are ordered over the desk for a dose of the strap. The crack of polished leather over their already sore bare backsides is getting through and if anybody is re-evaluating his behaviour its Chandler who maybe now in the future won’t let Benson lead him on so much. Or will he?

The juniors too are still pushing their luck, none more so than young Robertson (Xander Hollister) Sent by the Headmaster to his Housemaster with a selection of illicit goods he has purloined he knows he’s probably going to get a good hiding.
His Housemaster is none too pleased; this is at least a second offence this term. This time though the boy must be taught a lesson. What better to start with than the heavy brown leather army belt kept for the purpose.

With Robertson now over the vaulting horse, his grey shorts tightly stretched and almost painted on to his buttocks the punishment begins. His grey shorts are now down and with the cruel strap whistling painfully on to his bare bottom the boy is growling and hissing at each stinging crack! His Housemaster is not convinced there’ll not be a third time of offending this term so he decides that young Robertson should go OTK.
The spanking over his already burning bare backside is no joke but when a hair brush is grabbed by the none too pleased Housemaster Robertson knows it’s going to be a painful and fiery finale. The tears welling up as the scorching flat polished wooden brush bites home is sure testament to a punishment well laid on! Perhaps it’s not always true that ‘They Never Learn’.

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  1. Robertson's gorgeous puffy muffins are built for walloping!